For the buyer:

Come to us, we have various options like the ones you're looking for at beach lands in the emerald coast of Oaxaca. We also perform procedures like credit and management of the deed so you do not need to worry more, if you look for a beach property (new or used) in the area we cover, you only have to select your property and wait until we notify you the date of signing of memorandum to the appropriate agency. Do not waste time and money, don't unnecessarily waste work and leisure time, and play it safe with us.



For Investors:

If you are an investor and you’re looking for buying and building a tourism complex or any other type of investment, we seek all possible options (INDUSTRIALS, HOTELS, RESIDENTIAL LOTS, RANCHES, FARMS) and all types of property for investors. Contact us or send us your details by the contact section and tell us what you have in mind as purchase. We know the coastal zone from the beginning to the end. 



For the seller:

Our service is the most simple and flexible in the market. We promote your property advertising in different media under our own tools without cost for you. When you trust us to sell your property, you should know that any Customer we take to your property shall be previously professionally evaluated and rated by us, so you do not have to expose your safety, your family and assets with clients with dubious intentions. Also we only treat with customers who we already know they have the financial capacity to buy. If you want to sell your property, be sure that in us you will find Security, Integrity and Professionalism, and above all, discretion for a successful and satisfactory sale operation


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